SUB(X)TURE embodies a local exhibition dedicated to showcasing the vibrant sub-culture of Hong Kong artists. Our design philosophy revolves around creating a space that encourages visitors to re-envision the commonplace, exploring alternate purposes for everyday items. In pursuit of this vision, we ingeniously repurpose various industrial materials, seamlessly integrating them into the overarching theme of reinterpreting mainstream aesthetics. Examples include the utilization of HVAC ducts as distinctive ceiling decor and the incorporation of ruffled writing paper and aluminum wrap to fashion an unconventional backdrop for the display of artwork. The shopfront design adheres to a clean and minimalist aesthetic, employing semi-transparent materials to enhance the overall visual allure. Our branding, strategically positioned atop these elements, ensures a subtle yet effective brand presence. By infusing a bold pop of color, we not only generate visual intrigue within the shop but also establish a deliberate separation from the commercial context of neighboring establishments, fostering an aura of ambiguity that piques the curiosity of passersby.

  • client

    Carnaby Fair

  • location

    K11 Art Mall

  • stauts

    Completed in 2022

  • type

    Completed in 2022

Metallic texture act as a backdrop for art piece
HK Artist Fubi exhibition with graphic T-shirts, painting and monitor screens
SubXture collaboration with McDonald's for a McCafe coffee to design a tin cart with a yellow espresso machine, oil container filler with coffee beans
Projection on wall