Heath Shopping Mall

Heath Shopping Mall resides in the underground spaces of the renowned Chung King Mansion in the bustling Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong. Despite common misconceptions associating the Mansion with illicit activities, the mall itself serves as a hub of cultural diversity, characterized by unique personalities. Spanning an expansive 2800 square meters, the basement houses various shops, a food hall, and an exhibition area. The design embraces a minimalistic theme, featuring stainless steel partitions, a grey terrazzo floor, and vibrant pink branding accents. The storefronts maintain a neat and consistent appearance with large glass windows, diverting attention from the spatial constraints and low ceilings. In contrast to the varied facades surrounding it, the entrance boasts a cohesive design interrupted by a single opening, guiding visitors into the building. Utilizing the existing concrete structure as a foundation, a modern cubic element is seamlessly integrated, blending tradition with contemporary design.

  • client

    Billion Access Development Limited

  • location

    ChungKing Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui

  • stauts

    Completed in 2022

  • type

    Completed in 2022

stainless steel partition with large glass window for shops display and white faces board for shop names
a long white wall with exposed beams structure and stainless steel glass partition
LED lights surrounding the glass window with same tone terrazzo floor
booth sitting for food hall area, pink arch design and pink furniture with single side light box for mood lighting