Cookie Dpt Flagship

Cookie Dpt's inaugural flagship store in Hong Kong introduces a compelling concept reminiscent of a curated cookie museum. The predominant outdoor seating arrangement enhances the open-air ambiance, while a central semi-circular glass-enclosed counter meticulously highlights the diverse range of products. Key design features include a meticulously crafted, custom-textured dome wall, contributing a distinctive and refined aesthetic. Additionally, two generously proportioned magnifying glasses serve as prominent visual elements, seamlessly aligning with the store's star attraction - the substantial, oversized cookies from Cookie Dpt. This deliberate incorporation of design elements not only elevates the store's visual allure but also establishes an immersive environment that authentically embodies the brand's essence.

  • client

    The DPT

  • location

    Central, Hong Kong

  • stauts

    Completed in 2022

  • type

    Completed in 2022

magnifying glass above planters
custom-textured dome wall inspired by the shape of cookies
stainless steel leg of the glass showcase have a great contrast with the real plants