Clubhouse Rooftop Garden

Perched atop a housing complex in Changsha, China, the rooftop garden is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by the grid farm style when viewed from an aerial perspective, the design seamlessly weaves together urban dynamics and natural elements. The predominant use of natural-colored stone materials creates a visual contrast that complements the lush, green vegetation cultivated on the rooftop. The erected structure, a key feature of the design, is strategically positioned to engage with the direction of sunlight. This intentional alignment not only adds an architectural focal point but also serves a practical purpose – providing shading for visitors throughout the day. The interplay of light and shade enhances the overall ambiance, creating a dynamic and inviting rooftop environment. This thoughtful approach not only contributes to the visual appeal of the garden but also ensures a comfortable and shaded retreat for those seeking respite in this elevated oasis within the bustling cityscape of Changsha.

  • client

    Rooftop Republic

  • location

    Chang Sha, China

  • stauts

    Completed 2017

  • type

    Completed 2017

  • Awards

    Finalist - HK Global Design Awards 2018
Bronze - Asia Design Prize 2019 Silver - A’ Design Award and Competition

dark wood deck to contrast with white gravel and greenery
Benches are design to be part of the grid farming planters
A Japanese inspired seating area with concrete structure